Requiesce in pace, mi magister

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Frank X. Blackburn(axmmisaka) Jun 27, 2018

My teacher and instructor in football referee, Mr.Tang, left the world of myocardial infarction.

He was performing fitness test for referees in China League One(Serie A) with Chinese Football Association. He lost his consciousness during the interval test, and passed away at hospital in the next heartbroken early morning at the age of 35.

He was the instructor of all active referees registered after 2010 in our local football association. He also did all the human resource work for the association week by week for the entire 8 years while still being a National Referee and refereeing the top league of China - Chinese Super League.

The message was sudden. We can do nothing but improve ourselves while carrying his dream to be the referee in the World Cup Final.

Rest in peace, my teacher;
Requiesce in pace, mi magister.






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