Using LTO and LTFS to backup

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Frank X. Blackburn(axmmisaka) Oct 04, 2018

I bought a HP (now Hewlett Packard Enterprise) LTO-5 tape drive (which, to be honest, can be considered ancient) in the United States for a very cheap price. It runs with 2 4GB Fibre Channel port and one 4-pin molex power connector. It comes with a case with fibre channel extension, several LED lights that I have no idea how to control with the drive, and a power converter that takes HP PSU connector as input which I unfortunately am unable to find.

The tape drive is really expensive, no matter if it’s new or used. The one I bought is released in 2010, and been used on a server since then. After server upgrade it was sold to an auto repair at Van Nuys, CA.

To be continued……

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