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Frank X. Blackburn(axmmisaka) Mar 06, 2018

Well… Here’s something about me. It’s not an introduction, because you probably won’t get information you want; and don’t treat this as an résumé - this is quite informal, and no résumé will tell you about why I don’t like to use GNU/emacs (salute to you, RMS).


Frank X. Blackburn - of course this is not my offical Chinese name - and nobody will post his/her real name or home address online nowadays because of cyberbullying etc…

What do I do?

I am a student - so study will be my no.1 priority, which… well, isn’t always satisfying as expected.

Referee - National Class II referee of Chinese Football Association. Not sure if the US Soccer Referee Associations will accept this, but let’s hope that happens.

Translator - I do translations for local Football Association, osu!, a rhythm game which is very hard, and something else that I want to translate. See one of my post about this.

Programmer - not a job, just means “a guy who can write some kind of code”.

Free Safety and Midfielder - I play American Football and Soccer (Association Football) quite often. These two are positions that I often play. I do play other positions such as WR in football or CB in soccer, but not as often.

Teitoku - Yes… I play Kantai Collection… used to. It’s just too time-consuming.


Still in high school now. Don’t really want to indicate which one it is.

Hope I can enter my dream school in the US.

This page, as you can see in the git commit history, is created after staying up late studying for SAT. This rearly happens, but it’s really bad for your health!


Some are big and some are not.

Auto face remove

It helps you to find all the faces in given pictures and replace them with rage comic. Very useful when you want to publish your photos online without letting others see you face.

Botball repo

This is the repo that we use for GCER2017(Global Conference for Educational Robots).
I maintained it and it works well.

Fight the Landlord

Classic poker game from China with AI in Python, a collab Final project for UCBerkely CS10 Summer17.


A very simple and poorly-designed linked list implementation that was written when I was in primary school.

Website for MUN Association

//It is removed because I don’t have enough money to maintain the server while there’s no need for it.
//Build using wordpress with PHP, ask me if you want a shadowcopy.
2018-Apr-01 update:
It’s now online: click here to view it.
It only has Chinese pages now.


I can use Chinese fluently. I can also speak intermediate English and a little Russian.
I can also use C, a little C++, Python, a little Java and a little Pascal.


See here.

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