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Frank X. Blackburn(axmmisaka) Dec 19, 2018

Who I am

You may see my profile here. Of course you won’t find something useful, but you can just find within 2100+ people if you wanna find me.
Unfortunately, that’s almost everything I want to tell you about who I am.
I say almost because there’s still something:
Keybase: axmmisaka

Contact Information

Top 2 methods will have 90% guarantee you to reach me within 1 week, as long as I am still free (e.g. military training will make me unable to receive these stuff) and can access the Internet (phone may be confiscated by teacher).
This section used to have a lot information, but I deleted them - some of them are useless. If you want to read it, just find github history.


Use Keybase to message me if you want to. Now I do open keybase everyday, but… Well, maybe I won’t when you want to contact me.


Go to a OpenPGP key server (like this) and search key 0x48900cf37a846f72. This is my public key, which contains my E-mail. Remember to encrypt using this key, otherwise you may not receive a reply.

QQ, Phone, Wechat, address, cable address, etc…

Sorry but I will not share these important information publicly. Of course if you search axmmisaka on Google it may appear, I haven’t tried that yet. However, if you think it is necessary to know any of these stuff, please let me know by other contact methods.

Steam/Origin and other stuff

Contact me first to get these accounts.

Games I play

Be sure to contact me if we do have same interest:

  • Actively playing
    • Arma 3
    • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    • DiRT Rally
    • DiRT 4
    • F1 Series(starting from 2017)
    • osu!
  • Nearly afk
    • Kantai Collection
    • Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead
    • Battlefield 4
    • Command: Modern Air Navae Operations WOTY
    • BeamNG: drive
    • Overwatch

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